This site is a living portfolio, and I intend for it to evolve and grow alongside my work, thoughts, and creativity. This portfolio will primarily be a haven for some of my best work in User Experience, but I also intend to use it as a place to share my reflections on experiences as a software engineer, web developer, designer, or any other hat I’m wearing at the time. I hope that this site will robustly document my personal and professional growth over years to come.

As of the time of this writing, this site was built using Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. I got up and running quickly with Thoughtbot’s Bourbon (Sass mixin library), Neat (Sass grid framework), Bitters (Sass scaffolding), and a few Refills (components and patterns) taken here and there. This site was my first experience working with all of these tools and libraries mentioned above. This site was also my first time to use Sass, and I now am kicking myself for not trying it out sooner. I am very grateful for the creators of these tools, as they have made my life and others so much easier to start creating.

The site’s type is set in Museo Sans and Freight Sans Pro, both available from Adobe Typekit. I have a thing for geometric sans-serif fonts that have a bit of character and quirk to them.

A lot of the images used on the site are a product of my own inspiration. You can probably find them on my Instagram profile as well. Otherwise, they probably came from Adobe Stock.

As with all things new, there are a few things here and there that need to be ironed out. Thankfully, W3C has some excellent tools to help me keep my code in check. It is also a personal mission of mine to get this portfolio’s Google PageSpeed Insights score above a 90, but content comes first.